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The first betrayal was deep in the wastes of Thar. An orc adept named Jurrg received a dream from her deity, the great one-eyed Gruumsh: A leader would soon emerge from the Underdark and lead the tribes into glorious battle against the humans, sweeping their cities into the sea. Her dream told her to wait at the ruins of the once mighty orc bastion of Xûl-Jarak, the Gray Citadel. Jurrg and her brother Rûlgar made their home in the ruins, and after months of waiting, heard something other than the moaning Tharan winds. Three massive orogs emerged from deep below the citadel and approached them.

The deep orcs of Orog Ohes hold themselves to be the best and brightest among orckind. They claim to descend from a large tribe that migrated to the Underdark thousands of years ago. Though slightly shorter than their mountain orc cousins, orogs seem to be much stronger, more cunning, and possessed of greater initiative and ferocity. Orog weapons are on par with those made by dwarves. Every orog fighter wears armor and wields weapons that put other orcs to shame.

Jurrg prostrated herself before the orogs. To her, the enormous orcs, with their luminescent eyes, elongated ears, and massive bodies, represented the epitome of of orckind. She asked Thrull, the leader of these “sons of Gruumsh,” to command her.

Five years have passed since that fateful encounter. Eighteen tribes have bent the knee and sworn allegiance to Thrull. Eight tribes still hold out. The greatest of these is the Longtooth tribe, led by King Daazlan. Like Jurrg, King Daazlan also had a vision. But that vision was the ruination of the orcs of Thar; the terrible demise of Thrull’s new horde.

Now, King Daazlan’s resistance is bolstered by his recent finding of the fabled Hammer of Gruumsh a great maul of the Tharan orc kings, discovered in the foothills of the Galena Mountains. The Longtooths view it as a sign of Gruumsh’s favor, and continue their efforts to wrest control of the tribes away from Thrull and orogs.

Only one tribe can be the favored of Gruumsh. May it be the Longtooths.

Home Page

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